Hi, I’m Andrew. Welcome to my website! I like to create, capture and manipulate sound information and sometimes I dabble in other things. I am social on Instagram.

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I offer a small list of services that may be useful in our economy:


I released an ambient album on May 30, 2017 called Known Place. It explores concepts of knowledge and discovery in imagined sensory places.

Below, are loosely organized music selections called the Color Collections. You may be interested in enjoying relaxing textures or collaborating with me on your latest project. Whatever the reason, you are welcome and I hope you have a good time. All of this music is free to listen and available to license.

Blue Collection is a series of relatively concise textural pieces. These tracks tend to be measured and delicate, and provide a range of environments from eerie to strangely familiar.

Red Collection is a group of tracks that range from light hearted and enjoyable to uplifting and energizing. There are soft rhythms and cycles to explore and sound beds rich with warmth and potential.

Yellow Collection Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 hold over an hour each of content from live performances, sketches, and experiments ranging from synthy playscapes to electro-acoustic manipulations.

Purple Collection is “small music,” fun little tracks that range from cute to silly with just a touch of some head bobbing coolness…

Green Collection is the club. Acid and Techno are not unfamiliar influences in this danceable collection. lol.

Pink Collection is just full of goofballs, feel-goods, and posers. Some of these tracks were silly attempts to fill strange purposes, but now they just exist for no reason and here they are.


Here is a trailer for a short film I scored called Liftoff.

Liftoff (teaser) from Ben Davis on Vimeo.

and some examples of sound design and music for branded videos.

Filson - On the Fly: Grass Valley River from Brother on Vimeo.

Filson - San Juan Islands from Brother on Vimeo.

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli from Brother on Vimeo.

and here are some videos I made       (^~^)


In January 2018, I toured with Lomelda in blonde/blue hair. I also recorded the album 4e , an intimate acoustic set, on location for Lomelda.


Thanks for being here!